Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Do Not Give Up Hope

Since the holy God has promised those who hope in Him a means of escape from every affliction, we, even if we have been cut off in the midst of the seas of evils and are racked by the mighty waves stirred up against us by the spirits of wickedness, nevertheless endure in Christ who strengthens us.

We have not slackened the intensity of our zeal for the churches, nor do we, as in a storm when the waves rise high, expect destruction.

We still hold fast to our earnest endeavour as much as is possible, sensible of the fact that he who was swallowed by the whale was considered deserving of safety because he did not despair of his life but cried out to the Lord.

So then, we ourselves, having reached the uttermost limit of evils, do not give up our hope in the Lord but watch and see His help on all sides.

St Basil The Great


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