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Synaxarium - 5 Babah - 15 October - 5 Tekemt

Egyptian Synaxarium Babah 5
Martyrdom of St. Paul, Patriarch of Constantinople
Babah (Paopi, Baba) 5 Martyr – Coptic Calendar – Martyr Calendar
15 October

Day 5 of the Blessed Coptic Month of Babah, may God make it always received, year after year, with reassurance and tranquility, while our sins after forgiven by the tender mercies of our God my fathers and brothers.

The Martyrdom of St. Paul, Patriarch of Constantinople On this day was the martyrdom of St. Paul, Patriarch of Constantinople. He was a disciple of Abba Alexandros, Patriarch of Constantinople. He was appointed to the patriarchy after the departure of Abba Alexandros and when he sat on the patriarchal throne, he expelled all the followers of the Arian sect from Constantinople and its surroundings. When the Emperor Constantine the Great died, his three sons reigned after him. Constantine reigned over Constantinople and Constance reigned over Rome and Constantius reigned over France. Constantine held the same belief as Arius. He was exceedingly sorry for what Abba Paul had done to the Arians, and asked him to stop excommunicating them, but the Patriarch did not obey him. He became angry and exiled him from Constantinople as he had exiled also Abba Athanasius the apostolic from Alexandria. The two foregathered in Rome, and went to stand before Emperor Constance to inform him of their concern. He wrote a letter for them to his brother ordering him to accept them and threatened him if he did not receive them-there would be no peace but war between them. When the two saints came to Constantinople, they gave the letter to Emperor Constantine, who accepted his brother's letter and returned them to the chairs. But after the slaying of his brother, Emperor Constance, in Rome, he exiled St. Paul again to the country of Armenia. A few days later, he sent for one of the followers of Arius commanding him to catch up with St. Paul there and slay him. He came to him at night and strangled him. He deserved the crown of martyrdom. He had stayed four years in office.May his prayers and blessings be with us all, and Glory be to God forever. Amen.

Ethiopian Synaxarium TEKEMT 05
TEKEMT (Teqemt, Tikemet, Thikimt) 05 - Geez (Ge'ez) Calendar – Ethiopian Calendar
(October 15)


On this day died the holy father Abba Paul, Archbishop of Constantinople. This holy man was a disciple of Abba Alexander, Archbishop of Constantinople, his predecessor, and when Abba Alexander died this father was appointed in his stead. When he had taken his seat on the archiepiscopal throne, he excommunicated the Arians and expelled them from Constantinople and from the whole district. When the Emperor Constantine died, his son Constantine reigned over Constantinople, and his brother reigned over the city of Rome; now this Constantine loved Arius, and he believed his polluted belief. When the emperor heard that Saint Abba Paul had excommunicated the Arians, and had exiled them from the city of Constantinople, he was exceedingly sorry, and he said unto Saint Paul, “Henceforward let the Arians alone, and excommunicate them not.” And the archbishop did not obey his words, and therefore Constantine was wroth with him, and he exiled him from the city of Constantinople, just as he had exiled Abba Athanasius from the city of Alexandria before him. And the two archbishops Paul and Athanasius foregathered in the city of Rome with Saint Abba Julius, the Archbishop of the city of Rome, who accorded them a splendid and a loving reception. And he wrote for them a letter to the Emperor Constantine, and he said concerning them, “They are learned, and righteous and Orthodox men, and it is meet for thee to receive them and to honor them.” When the Archbishops Abba Paul and Abba Athanasius had arrived in the city of Constantinople, and the emperor had read the letter of the Archbishop of the city of Rome, he was afraid of them, and he received them and placed them in their offices, and waited to deal with them for a few days, and after this he exiled them. And they returned to the city of Rome, to the Archbishop Abba Julius, and they told him how Constantine had treated them, and how he had exiled them a second time. And Julius took them and brought them to the Emperor Kuenseta (Constans), the brother of Constantine, and told him how his brother had treated them. And Kuenseta (Constans) wrote a letter to his brother, and commanded him to receive them, and he said unto him, “If thou dost not receive them there will be no peace betwixt thee and me, henceforward.” And the archbishop also wrote unto him a second letter, and Constantine accepted the letter of his brother Kuenseta (Constans) and the letter of the archbishop, and he set the two archbishops in their offices. When certain men slew the Emperor Kuenseta (Constans) in the city of Rome, his brother Constantine turned, and he exiled Saint Paul to the country of Armenia, and shut him up in prison there for a few days. Then the Emperor Constantine sent a letter to one of the followers of Arius, and he said unto him, “Kill Paul in the prison house.” And that man who was an infidel came to the holy man by night, and strangled him, and he died in peace; and all the days of his life were forty years.

And on this day died Saint Cyriacus the martyr and Hannah his mother; now he was condemned to death by Elianus (the Emperor Julian according to the Bodleian ms.) because he was a bishop. When he confessed Christ, Elianus commanded his soldiers to cut off his right hand, saying, “This is thy hand wherewith thou writest, and wherewith thou dost prevent men from worshipping idols”; and Saint Cyriacus said, “Thou hast done well, O thou dog lacking understanding.” When Elianus heard this he commanded his soldiers to boil some lead and to pour it into his mouth, and he made them lay him upon a red-hot iron bed. And they strewed over him red-hot burning coals, and they rubbed salted fat into him, and they beat his belly and his back with rods until his bones broke. And the righteous man endured these tortures patiently, and he prayed in the Hebrew tongue, saying. [Here follows a transcript into Ethiopic letter of fifteen words in which the saint beseeches Adonai, the God of Death, to keep death from him.] Then Elianus commanded them to release him, and he lay him down in the prison house. And Elianus made them bring Hannah, the mother of Cyriacus, and he commanded them to suspend her by her hair, and to scrape her with shards for three hours. And he also commanded them to burn her body with fiery torches, and whilst praying she delivered up her soul. Then Elianus commanded them to bring Saint Cyriacus, and to cast him into a large pit wherein were serpent and vipers, but none of them injured him. And when ‘Admon (Admonius), whom Hannah had saved for Christ, saw this he cursed the king and reviled his gods; and forthwith Elianus commanded them to cut off his head with the sword. And the holy man stretched out his neck, saying, “O God of Cyriacus, receive my soul”; and he finished his martyrdom. And Elianus commanded his soldiers to cast Saint Cyriacus into a vessel of boiling oil, and he also commanded them to drive a spear through his breast, and thus he ended his testimony and died in peace on the day of the Sabbath.

Salutation of Cyriacus, who informed the Empress Helena concerning the place where the Cross was to be found; the knowledge of this place he had obtained from his father.

Salutation to Hannah the martyr, and salutation to ‘Admon (Admonius).

And on this day are commemorated James the apostle, the son of Alphaeus, and “Adrawos, and ‘Awaras, and ‘Aldrakwos the martyrs, and ‘Endronos (‘Adronos?).

Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints. Amen.

TEKEMT (Teqemt, Tikemet, Thikimt) 04 - Geez (Ge'ez) Calendar – Ethiopian Calendar = Babah (Paopi, Baba) 4 Martyr – Coptic Calendar – Martyr Calendar


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