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Ethiopian Synaxarium Miyazia 23

Ethiopian Synaxarium Miyazia 23

Miyazia (Miyaza) 23 – Geez (Ge'ez) Calendar – Ethiopian Calendar
May 01, 2009


On this day the holy and honored, the great star of the East, Abba George, the fighter, became a martyr. The name of the father of this holy man was Anastasius, and he was from the country of Cappadocia; his mother’s name was Theobesta, and she was from the country of Palestine. When George was twenty years old his father died, and he rose up and went to the Emperor Dodyanos so that he might received the appointment, which his father had held. And he found that the emperor was setting up idols, and worshipping them, and that he was compelling all men to worship idols. And George divided all the goods, which were his among the poor and the needy, and set free his slaves, and he stood up before the emperor, and confessed our Lord Jesus Christ. And the emperor tried to persuade him [to reject Christ], and promised him many great [honors], but he would not turn [to idolatry], and he would not submit to him. And the emperor tortured him with many tortures, but God strengthened him and healed his wounds. And He told him that he should die three times for His holy Name, and that each time He would raise him up, but that when he died for the fourth time he should received the crown of martyrdom. And He promised him that he should inherit great and well-known fame in all the ends of the world, and informed him that he should continue to be tortured for . . . (7?) years, and that He would send His angels to minister unto him. Now the emperor was exceedingly sad and sorry because of all the many tortures which he was inflicting upon Saint George, and because the saint would not submit to him. After this the emperor brought to him a great and powerful magician whose name was Athanasius, and he concocted a cup full of poison, and gave it to that saint to drink, and he thought that he would die as soon as he had drunk it. When Saint George had drunk the cup, which was full of poison, he received no injury whatsoever; and the magician believed on our Lord Jesus Christ, and became a martyr. And the emperor had an instrument brought wherein were teeth like a saw, and he commanded his soldiers to saw the saint in it, and when they had sawn him, he delivered up his soul; but our Lord Jesus Christ raised him up, and the saint returned to the city. When the people saw this, many of them believed on our Lord Jesus Christ, and they received crowns of martyrdom; and they were in number thirty thousand and seven hundred souls. When Saint George stood before the Emperor Dodyanos, in the place where the kings assembled, now the kings were sitting upon seventy thrones, the emperor said unto him, “We wish thee to make these thrones whereon we are now sitting to put forth leaves, and bear fruit.” And Saint George prayed to God concerning these thrones, and they put forth leaves and bore fruit straightway. And after this they took Saint George, and boiled him in a brass cauldron, and then threw him out into the desert, but God restored his soul to his body, and raised him up again; and the saint returned to the kings, preached the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ openly. And they all marveled and said unto him, “If thou wilt raise the dead we shall know that thy God is God indeed, and we will believe.” And Saint George prayed to God, and he raised up for them from a cave very many dead people, both men and women and young people. And these preached the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and told the people about Gahanam, and the Judgment (or, punishment); and after this they returned to their graves, and died. And when those infidels who were contending against him, and resisting him, saw this they said, “These creatures which thou hast raised up are unclean spirits; they are Satanic spirits, and not men.” And because of their great sadness and sorrow for Saint George, and the tortures which he was condemned by them to suffer, and in order that he might submit to them, they committed him to the care of a poor beggar woman. And when the poor woman went out to beg for bread the angel of the Lord brought him a table whereon there were all kinds of good food. And there was in the house of that woman a piece of dry wood, and Saint George prayed to God, and that wood germinated, and put forth leaves, and it became a tall tree with long branches and much foliage. And when the poor widow came and saw that great miracle, and how that tree had shot up, and the table, she marveled, and she brought her son who was blind, and deaf, and dumb, and a paralytic, and asked the saint to heal him for her. And he told her the way to God, and she believed on our Lord Jesus Christ. And the saint made the sign of the Cross over the face of the child and he saw straightway. And Saint George said unto her, “I will that the next time he may be able to hear, and to walk and to speak.” And the emperor passed through the city, and saw that tree, and he marveled, and asked questions concerning it. And they told him, saying, “This tree is in the house of the widow wherein Saint Gorge dwelleth.” And the emperor having remembered Saint George had him brought to him, and he commanded his soldiers to beat him with very many stripes, and they beat him, and crushed his feet, and he died for the third time, and they cast [his body] outside the city; but God raised him up and he returned to the kings. When the Emperor saw him, he marveled, and was frightened, because of all the tortures to which he had subjected the saint, and he began to speak him fair and he promised to give him his daughter in marriage and to make him the second in the kingdom [if he would deny Christ]. Then the saint made a mock of him, and promised him, untruthfully, that he would offer incense to his gods. And the emperor rejoiced, and thought that the saint would do so actually, and he ran to him, and kissed his head, and brought him into the royal palace. And the saint rose up to pray, and he prayed, and repeated a psalm of David, and the empress, the wife of the emperor, kissed him, and asked him to explain to her what he had read. And he began to make her to know and to understand the matter from the time when God created the world, to the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ; and his words entered her heart and she believed on our Lord Jesus Christ. And on the following day a herald went round calling upon all the men of the city to gather together in order to see Saint George make an offering of incense to the gods. And when the widow heard this, she was exceedingly sorry, and she went out with the multitude to see Saint George make an offering of incense to the idols. And when the saint saw her he rejoiced, and said unto her son, “Go to Apollo, and command him to come hither to me in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ”; and the widow’s son was healed straightway, and he walked and talked, and he went to the idol, and told him what Saint George had told him to say. And he drove out the Satan that foul spirit, which dwelt in the idol, and brought it to Saint George. And the idol confessed before all the people, saying, “I am not God, but a creature that leadeth men into error.” And the saint commanded the earth to swallow him up, and straightway the earth swallowed that deceiver. When the emperor saw this, he and all those who were with him were ashamed. And being filled with fury and wrath against Saint George, he came to the empress his wife, and she said unto him, “Did I not tell thee not to oppose the Galilean? Their God is strong and mighty.” And the emperor was exceedingly wroth with her, for he knew that Saint George had brought her into the True Faith. And he commanded his soldiers to drag her outside the city, and to cut up her body with a saw, [and they did so,] and she received the crown of martyrdom in the kingdom of the heavens. Then straightway the kings were afraid because of Saint George, and they advised the Emperor Dodyanos to write the order for the soldiers to cut off his head with the sword, so that he might have rest from Saint George, the mighty one, the conqueror, rejoiced exceedingly. And he entreated our Lord Jesus Christ to bring down fire from heaven and destroy the seventy kings, so that they might cease from inflicting tribulation upon the Church. And straightway fire came down from heaven, and burnt up the seventy kings and all their soldiers. Then our Lord Jesus Christ appeared unto Saint George and made many covenants with him. And he said unto him, “Whosoever shall commemorate thee upon earth I will destroy all his sins. Whosoever is in tribulation, whether by sea or on land, or is sick, and entreateth Me in thy name, I will deliver him quickly from his tribulation”; having said this He went up into heaven. After this the saint bowed his neck, and they cut off his holy head with the sword, and he received three everlasting crowns of martyrdom in the kingdom of the heavens. And four of his believing slaves took the body of Saint George, and wrapped it up in his apparel, and took it into the city of Leda, and they built a beautiful church, and laid his body therein, and countless miracles were wrought there. Salutation to thee, O George, the root of thousands of martyrs. Salutation to the ninety men and thirty-seven women who, when they saw the hidden glory of the heavens revealed at the martyrdom of Saint George, became martyrs.

And on this day also died Roko. This holy man was such a strenuous fighter in the spirit that he made signs and miracles manifest. One day the sickness of the plague smote him, and he prayed to God with abundant tears, and showed Him his sores. And our Lord Jesus Christ appeared unto him, sitting upon a cloud of heaven, and He stood up before him and said unto him, “Fear not, O My beloved Roko, behold I have come unto thee to heal thee of thy sickness, and to establish with thee a covenant that all those who shall pray unto Me in thy name, saying, ‘Jesus Christ, the God of Roko, deliver me for I am afflicted,’ shall be free from the sickness of the plague, and it shall not come upon them.” After He had said this unto him, our Lord Jesus Christ went up into heaven. And the holy man lived in strict devotion to the ascetic life for many [years], and he died in peace. Salutation to Roko, the chosen fighter.

Salutation to Stephana, a friend of Victor the martyr. [Omitted in the Bodleian MS.]

Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints. Amen

Miyazia (Miyaza) = Bermodah (Baramouda, Baramuda, Baramudah, Paremoude, Farmou)

Miyazia 23 – Geez (Ge'ez) Calendar – Ethiopian Calendar = Bermodah 23 Martyr – Coptic Calendar – Egyptian Calendar


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