Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Circumcision Feast - By St Ambrose

Genesis 17:9-14

And because he is called to what is perfect, Abraham receives the oracle that summons to perfection.  "Circumcise," it says, "every male of yours and circumcise your flesh"; but perfect circumcision is the spiritual one. Indeed, the Scripture also teaches this when it says, "Circumcise the hardness of your heart." 

Circumcision then is twofold because it requires the mortification of the mind and the body.

The Law orders that the baby boy be circumcised on the eighth day: evidently a precept that harbours a mystery, because this is precisely the day of the resurrection. 

Indeed, the Lord Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday. For this reason, if the day of resurrection finds us circumcised and free from excesses and crimes, purified from every filth, cleansed from bodily vices, if you go forth from this day clean, you will rise clean.


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