Saturday, August 25, 2012

Begotten Wisdom of The Virgin - By St Nikolai Velimirovic

To a silent tongue and a contemplative mind You draw near, 
O All-Holy Spirit, bridegroom of my soul. 
You avoid a talkative tongue as a swan avoids a stormy lake. 
Like a swan you swim across the quiet of my heart and make it fruitful. 

Desist from your wordly wisdom, my neighbors. 
Wisdom is begotten, not made. 
As Wisdom is begotten in God, so is it begotten on earth. 
Begotten wisdom creates, but is not created. 

So, you braggarts brag about your intellect! 
What is your intellect except remembering many facts? 
And if you remem­ber so much, how could you have forgotten 
the moments of the wondrous begetting of wisdom within you? 
Sometimes I hear you talking about great thoughts 
that were born to you unexpectedly without any effort. 
Who bore these thoughts to you, intellectuals? 
How were they begotten without a father, 
if you admit that you did not father them?

Truly I say to you: 
the father of these thoughts is the All-Holy Spirit, 
and their mother survives as the virgin corner of your soul, 
where the All-Holy Spirit still dares to enter. 

Thus every wisdom in heaven and on earth 
is begotten of the Virgin and the All-Holy Spirit. 
The All-Holy Spirit hovered over the chastity of the first hypostasis, 
and the Ultimate Man, the Wisdom of God, was begotten. 

What the chastity of the Father is in heaven, the virginity of the Mother is on earth. 
What the action of the Holy Spirit is in heaven, His action is on earth. 
What the begetting of wisdom is in heaven, the begetting of wisdom is on earth.

St Nikolai Velimirovic


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