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The London School of Orthodox Christian Studies

The London School of Orthodox Christian Studies

It is all too easy for us as Christians to abandon the detailed study of the faith once we are married, and have children and responsibilities as husbands and wives, parents and employees. But it is a great blessing and a joy to make time to extend our knowledge of the faith at every stage of our lives. Indeed I have learned more about our Orthodox Faith over the last years, than I have ever done before. Yet there remains always a great ocean of transforming learning and experience of which I grow more and more aware that I stand only in the shallows.

The courses provided by the London School of Orthodox Christian Studies are one small opportunity for people of all ages to continue to grow in their understanding of the Orthodox Faith. The courses in Christology, Church History and Monasticism are suitable for students of all ages and backgrounds, and are intended to have a spiritual benefit, as well as providing interesting academic study.

The courses are described at and you can register for a course and begin your studies almost immediately. All of the materials are provided online so that students can study anywhere and at anytime. Why not consider registering for a course, and continuing to grow in your understanding of the Orthodox Faith today.


Reflections on Eastern Monasticism

This podcast contains some brief considerations on Orthodox Monasticism. It particularly refers to the fact that monasticism in Eastern Christianity is not monolithic. It does not have exactly the same forms and practices in all places and at all times. The podcast also looks at the influence which monasticism has had, and continues to have, on the development of the spiritual life of the Orthodox Churches. There is also reference to the monastic experience in Russia and the Persian Empire.

The London School of Orthodox Christian Studies is now accepting registrations for the course on Orthodox Monasticism.

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Available Courses

Orthodox Christology

Church History

Orthodox Monasticism

Abouna Peter Farrington

The London School of Orthodox Christian Studies

Severus of Antioch

Severus of Antioch - Hymns
On the Nativity of Christ who is God

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