Sunday, March 17, 2013

Beautiful Prayer - By H.H. The Thrice blessed Pope Shenouda III

Beautiful Prayer
By H.H. The Thrice blessed Pope Shenouda III 

"Lord, I do not find anyone to have mercy on me ad hold me. You are the One whom I trust, to whom I open my heart and tell all my secrets. I explain to you my weaknesses and you do not despise them, but have mercy on me.

I pour my tears before you and express my longings. With you I do not feel lonely, but I feel that your strength supports me. Without you, O Lord, I feel empty and I don't feel that I really exist.  My heart is Yours.. I do not know since when?

But I understand that it is always in Your hands.  What is Yours no one can take away from you.  If someone takes it, You will get it back with your love. Yes Lord! I love you, not because You care for me, but because Your care is the result of Your great love.

Grant me, Lord, to love You and teach me how to love You.

Remove from my heart any other love that contradicts Your love till my heart becomes completely for You alone."


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