Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Place My Soul

1- I place my soul into your hands, my Lord Jesus Christ

Lead me cause I depend on you, lead me and I'll serve you

Please be my guide in every way, be my guard I won't go astray

Sanctify my hearts and my needs, until I see you Lord

R- As you have always said O source of all goodness

Come unto me O you weary, Come on to me and you'll find rest

Come onto me I am the Way, I am the Truth and Life

2- When my life gets filled with worries and darkness overwhelms

The clouds will be dispersed away by you O Prince of Peace

You are my shield you are my hope, you are my strength you are my goal

You are the perfect love O Lord, of whom than shall I fear

3- You are my shepherd I'll not want, lead me to still waters

Restore my soul I'm calling you, lead me to righteousness

Though I walk through the Death Valley, with you I will fear no evil

You are my comfort staff and rod, all the days of my life

4- Come take your cross and follow me, Fear not I am with thee

Cheer up I've overcome the world, your tears I'll wipe away

I showed you my love on the cross, and if your faithful unto death

I will give you eternal life, come now and follow me


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